Earn Free Tokens

PubeCoin Bounty Program

We are looking for creative minds to help us spread the word about PubeCoin and accelerate our goal of mass adoption! If you believe in the huge potential of our project, are active on social media, and would like to earn some PUBE tokens? Here’s what you need to do.

PubeCoin has allocated 30,000,000 PUBE or %3 of the total supply for our bounty program. Participants will be rewarded with free PUBE tokens in exchange for completing various simple tasks. The more task you complete, the more tokens you will earn. Once you complete a task, simply fill out the designated form provided for each assignments.

Terms and Conditions

  • If you are a citizens and residents of the US and Canada, you are not allowed to participate in the bounty program.
  • Submissions of completed tasks will be reviewed by our Bounty Manager.
  • Your social media posts / content / blog post /article / comment MUST be of good quality.
  • Cheating and spamming are not allowed, offenders will be banned from the program.
  • PubeCoin reserves the right to make adjustments to the Terms and Conditions, if necessary.

Make a Video

YouTube Bounty

We’re looking for YouTubers who has at least 200 subscribers and can spread the word and promote PubeCoin on Youtube. Unleash your creativity and tell people about our project. Describe PubeCoin, explain its concept, and provide some use cases and advantages of the PUBE tokens. Just keep in mind – quality over quantity. If you can do that – we’ll reward you for it.


  1. Channel must be at least 3 months old and public
  2. Video must be original content, unique, and not copied from other YouTuber.
  3. Video must be easily accessible and the privacy setting is set to public.
  4. Video must have good resolution.
  5. Video must be more than 3 minutes long.
  6. Video description must contain a link to https://www.pubecoin.com
  7. Add the hashtags #pube #pubecoin #paywithpubes #cryptocurrency


  1. Strictly no computer voice over videos.
  2. All languages accepted but must have English subtitles if voiced in non-english.
  3. Bounty rewards will depend according to the quality and engagement of the video.
  4. You agree to give all publishing and intellectual rights of the video freely over to PubeCoin

200 subs – 200 PUBE
500 subs – 400 PUBE
1,000 subs – 800 PUBE
5,000 subs – 1,000 PUBE
10,000 subs – 2,000 PUBE
15,000 and more subs – 3,000 PUBE

Submit the link to your Youtube video below:

Go Viral

TikTok Bounty

Here’s another great opportunity to earn PUBE Tokens using TikTok and your imagination.


  1. Upload a video of YOU on your TIKTOK account.
  2. Video description must contain the hashtags #pube #pubecoin #paywithpubes #cryptocurrency
  3. Video description must contain a link to https://www.pubecoin.com
  4. Be creative or use any of the following ideas:
    • Start a viral #PubeCoinChallenge and earn as much as 20,000 PUBE *
    • Make a before/after video and use #beforeafter. Example, show us how your life will change with PubeCoin on your “before/after” video.
    • Make a video with your pet and use #pets. Example, what would your pets buy if they got some PubeCoins? Try to think up your own unique story.
    • Make a dance video and use #dance. Example, if PubeCoin had its own dance moves, how would they look like? Let’s have some fun and feel the flow.
    • Talk about ANYTHING regarding PubeCoin.

* Once a video gains over one million views it can be considered a viral success


20K Followers – 100 PUBE
50K Followers – 200 PUBE
100K Followers – 400 PUBE
200K Followers – 800 PUBE
500K Followers – 1,000 PUBE
1M Followers – 2,000 PUBE
2M Followers – 5,000 PUBE

+20 PUBE for every 1,000 hearts (Max 1M ❤)

Viral #PubeCoinChallenge = 20,000 PUBE

Submit the link to your TikTok below.

Let’s start Tweeting!

Twitter Bounty

Did you know that 40% of Twitter users rarely post but they read others tweets? That puts you in a very good position to share PubeCoin with all of your followers and earn PUBE tokens in return.


  1. Your must have at least 300 real followers.
  2. You must follow our official Twitter Account @pubecoin.
  3. Your tweets must be set to public.
  4. You must Tweet an original post on Twitter about PubeCoin and its potential.
  5. You must tweet one (1) per day for 1 week (Maximum 2 weeks per participant).
  6. Your Tweets must contain the hashtags $PUBE #pube #pubecoin #paywithpubes #cryptocurrency.
  7. Your Tweets must have engagement e.g. likes, comments, or retweets


  1. Do not not delete Tweets/unfollow/unlike.
  2. Suspended accounts and accounts with fake followers will be disqualified.
  3. ReTweets does not qualify, we are looking for original content to be posted
  4. We audit Real Twitter profiles using www.twitteraudit.com, score must be 30% or low
  5. Do not copy and paste other user’s Tweets.
  6. Violating this terms will get you disqualified from the bounty program.

300 Followers – 35 PUBE
500 Followers – 70 PUBE
1,000 Followers – 140 PUBE
5,000 Followers – 210 PUBE
10,000 Followers – 350 PUBE
50,000+ Followers – 700 PUBE

Submit the link to your Tweets below.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc

Post A Selfie Bounty

The task is pretty simple, you take a selfie picture holding the PubeCoin logo and upload it on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.


  1. Take a Selfie with the PubeCoin logo provided here – https://www.pubecoin.com/pubecoin-logo.png
  2. You must use the PubeCoin logo provided either printed or displayed on a device.
  3. Your post and number of friends/followers must be set to public.
  4. You must add the hashtags #pube #pubecoin #paywithpubes #cryptocurrency
  5. Your post must contain a link to https://www.pubecoin.com
  6. You must follow our official page on that particular social media platform.
  7. You must post one (1) selfie per day for a total of two (2) selfie per week.


  • Do not not delete post, unfollow, or unlike.
  • Each hunter is qualified to participate for this bounty for a maximum of 4 weeks only.

Twitter & Facebook:

200 Followers – 10 PUBE
500 Followers – 20 PUBE
1,000 Followers – 40 PUBE
5,000 Followers – 60 PUBE
10,000 Followers – 100 PUBE
50,000+ Followers – 200 PUBE


30 Followers – 10 PUBE
50 Followers – 15 PUBE
100 Followers – 30 PUBE
250 Followers – 40 PUBE
500 Followers – 60 PUBE
1000+ Followers – 100 PUBE

Submit the link to your Selfie below.

Post on Facebook

Facebook Bounty

Of course, when it comes to social media, we couldn’t miss Facebook in our bounty program.


  1. You must like and follow the PubeCoin Facebook page.
  2. Your post and number of friends/followers must be public.
  3. Your profile/page is active and has user engagement.
  4. You must add the hashtags #pube #pubecoin #paywithpubes #cryptocurrency
  5. Your post must contain a link to https://www.pubecoin.com
  6. Your posts are original, not copy and pasted from other user’s posts.
  7. Maximum amount of posts to qualify for this bounty is 2 posts per day, total of 10 post per week.


  • Do not not delete post, unfollow, or unlike.
  • Please do not spam your posts.
  • Each hunter is qualified to participate for this bounty for a maximum of 4 weeks only.

Facebook Profiles:

100 Friends – 10 PUBE
200 Friends – 20 PUBE
500 Friends – 40 PUBE
1000 Friends – 60 PUBE
3000 Friends – 100 PUBE

Facebook Pages:

200K Followers – 100 PUBE
500K Followers – 200 PUBE
1M Followers – 400 PUBE
2M+ Followers – 800 PUBE

Submit your Facebook posts below.

Post on Reddit

Reddit Bounty

Engage in cryptocurrency and blockchain related subreddits to promote PubeCoin and in subreddits with large followers.


  1. Your Reddit account should be at least 30 days old and have at least 10 karma points.
  2. You may post in any cryptocurrency related subreddit with 5k+ subscribers.
  3. Posts and comments with negative or neutral karma will not be accepted.
  4. No spam will be accepted.


  • You must not copy and paste other user’s content or posts.

Post or Comment Upvotes

10 Upvotes – 10 PUBE
20 Upvotes – 20 PUBE
50 Upvotes – 50 PUBE
100 Upvotes – 100 PUBE
250 Upvotes – 250 PUBE
500 Upvotes – 500 PUBE
1000 Upvotes – 1,000 PUBE

Submit your reddit posts below.

Write Articles or Blogs

Article Bounty

Write a good article, review, or blog post about PubeCoin and the PUBE Token. It must be original and non-plagiarized. You may use the information from PubeCoin website and whitepaper but please do NOT just copy/paste the information.


  1. Article must be at least 500 words.
  2. Article must be in English only.
  3. Article must have unique and original content.
  4. Maximum of 1 submission only, so make it count.
  5. Articles must contain at least one link to the PubeCoin website.
  6. The website must have a genuine audience. New websites will not be accepted.


  • Additional 2,000 PUBE if the article is published in a mid-tier publication.
  • Additional 5,000 PUBE if the article is published in a top-tier publication  (Forbes, NYTIMES, CoinTelegraph, CoinDesk, etc).
  • We will give bonus PUBE according to the quality, length, and audience of the article.


  • Copy and stealing other content will lead to disqualification.
  • Once submitted you agree to give over all intellectual and publishing rights of the article to PubeCoin.

Okay – 0-200 PUBE
Good – 1,000 PUBE
Great – 2,000 PUBE
Excellent – 4,000 PUBE

Mid-Tier Publication = +2,000 PUBE
Top-Tier Publication = +5,000 PUBE

Submit the link to your Article below.

Translate our whitepaper

Translation Bounty

Help us spread the word about PubeCoin by translating our whitepaper into multiple languages. Applicants with technical background will be prioritized. Translators must have knowledge about blockchain and cryptocurrency and those who have translation experience from other projects will be a plus.

We will be choosing two (2) translators for each language, wherein, one will be the main translator and the other one will be the backup translator. The main translator is in charge of doing the translation of the material. The backup translator is in charge of reviewing the translation made by the main translator.


  1. The main translator can start immediately and will be given a period of ten (10) days to finish the task.
  2. The main translator will relay the translation to the backup translator.
  3. The backup translator will review the translation for five (5) days and shall contact the main translator to offer suggestions, conduct constructive criticism, and proofread to ensure that the translation is correct and concise.
  4. We will set up a group chat for each pair of translators including team members from PubeCoin to assist the translators.


  • We accept only high quality translations.
  • Translation must be made by the user only.
  • Google Translate or any other online translator is not allowed. Participants using copy-paste method will be instantly disqualified.
  • Users without previous experience of translation will not be accepted.
  • Tampering with the meaning of texts is not allowed.
  • PubeCoin reserves the right to re-assign the task if the translation provided will not meet quality expectations.
  • PubeCoin reserves the right to change the terms or apply new terms.

1 PUBE per English word.
e.g. The Whitepaper is approx. 6,838 words = 6,838 PUBEs

Earn Free PUBE Tokens

Share PubeCoin To Earn Free Tokens

There are a number of reasons to share the PubeCoin project with friends or on social media.

  1. You will earn commissions, up to 10% of the total purchased amount.
  2. You protect your investment by attracting new investors to the project.
  3. The project will have more funds to reach its goal and be listed on the best exchanges.
  4. The more people who will use PubeCoin, the more its value increases.
  5. Once PubeCoin gets media attention, it will go viral, speed up mass adoption, increase its value and drive the price higher.